YAXI HD650 Earpads イヤーパッド

YAXI for HD650 earpads イヤーパッド

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YAXI has introduced a new ear in earpads with the use of ALCANTARA®, a synthetic suede originating from automotive upholstery designed to be both comfortable and hard-wearing, a perfect material for earpads due to its supple feel and sweat repellent properties.

The contact surfaces and inner diameters are lined with Alcantara. The outer diameters are lined with protein leather, which are beautifully plush and impeccably constructed; flawless stitched and smooth all around.

They offer a hybrid Alcantara construction, considerably expanded internal dimensions and a more coherent sound with with greater bass extension.It achieves a new level of balance between comfort and sound and caters to the discerning music listener and audiophile. 



Review by RYAN SOO

YAXI are an innovative ear pad manufacturer that you might not have heard about. They lack the Western presence of brands like Dekoni and Brainwavz, but they have a loyal following in Asia and a drive to gain more international traction. What differentiates them from the majority is their use of Alcantara; a synthetic suede originating from automotive upholstery designed to be both comfortable and hard-wearing. This makes it a perfect candidate for ear pads due to its supple feel and sweat repellent properties. Their HD650 pads are just one of an extensive line-up covering headphones of all shapes and sizes. Click here to see the full review.

Review by 

A clear highlight is bass extension and control. The YAXI pads provide a more visceral sub-bass response with vast improvements in texture, dynamic contrast and detail. The HD650’s low-end is neither pillowy nor fluffy. Now, it boasts great physicality, satisfying rumble and defined impact. But regardless, overall bass quantity remains similar to stock. Apart from a slight focus toward the mid-bass (rather than the upper-bass), overall coherence is left intact. So despite the bass’s newfound guttural nature, the HD650 maintains enough composure to ensure great matchability throughout a large variety of genres. Timpani and cellos in classical music, for example, gain body and heft from these alterations.Click here to see the full review.


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YAXI HD650 Earpads

A pair of filters are also included.

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Outer Diameter: 106mm*81mm

Inner Diameter: 75mm*51mm

Thickness: 25mm 

Package contains two pieces of earpads and two pieces of filters marked L and R.