YAXI ALCANTARA  A New Level of Listening Comfort


Alcantara®is a synthetic suede made in Italy and is primarily used in automotive and high fashion. It is being used currently as a flame-retardant driver seat covering material for Formula One race cars, also used in SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule.


Perfect for Earpads

Comfortable 快適

Supple feel   触感

Soft and light 柔らかく軽い

Unmatched natural sound   真実の音

Durable and wear-resistant 耐久性・持久性が高い

Sweat repellence and breathability  通気が良く防汗性が高い

Cool in summer and warm in winter 夏は涼しく、冬は暖かい

Carbon-neutral and eco-friendlyカーボンニュートラル エコフレンドリー

Enjoy the listening experience like no other