YAXI HD25 Comfort イヤーパッド

この製品(HD25 Comfort)はヤクシーによるHD25用イヤーパッドの代表格です。Sennhaiser HD25ヘッドホン用イヤーパッドではおそらく世界ではじめてアルカンターラ素材を使用したイヤーパッド製品になります。

対応機種 Compatible Models



HD25 Amperior/HD25 SP

HD25 original for Addidas/HD25 plus


特徴 Features



Alcantara は軽くて撥水性、難燃性、通気性が高く耐久性があり長持ちする、エコフレンドリーな 100%カーボン・ニュートラル素材です。



YAXI’s first hybrid earpads. The contact surfaces and inner diameters are lined with Alcantara,the outside diameters are lined with protein leather.

YAXI Alcantara has created a new level of listening comfort. The texture of Alcantara is wonderfully soft and incredibly durable.It also adds benefit of giving the headphone a warm and natural sound with good stereo reproduction, great sound stage and smooth frequency response.To learn more, please check out Review by Bamfsound.

Alcantara® 9990TH is made entirely in Italy,it is light, water-repellent and flame-retardant with long-lasting high breathability. It is 100% carbon-neutral and eco-friendly.

A pair of filters are also included.




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#Repost @xliimusic with @get_repost ・・・ So I have a bunch of headphones I love. But I guess my favourite all round headphones have to be Sennheiser HD25. They’re light, portable, don’t break much and I LOVE how they sound . They became even more perfect when I found out you can customise them. There’s a brand in Japan called YAXI that makes custom leather pads for all kinds of headphones, and they make lots of parts for HD25, given their popularity. There’s a model called TYPE B that was super super dope, a bit thicker and softer than the standard pads that came with the headphones. They can be colour coded to. I picked red and got a red head band for them and a red cable from Oyaide (another Japanese brand). It was so dope, I got the same set of pads for my AIAIAI too. Well… WAS dope… . Cos last week I found out YAXI now makes ALCAN TARA laced pads just like TYPE B. WHAAAAA. The red rims are gone, but this shit is sooooo soft. Feels like baby’s bum on your ears. I love it. It feels and looks like it’d get wet and soggy, but it doesn’t, somehow it just kind of repels sweat. I don’t know about extreme humidity in the summer. But I used them to DJ and it was fine. So pointers for you humans out there with HD25 or AIAIAI, the YAXI Alcan Tara pads are dope. And if you don’t use HD25… I ask you, why do you not use HD25? It’s like a desert island headphone. I’d give up like half my shit just to keep them. For reals. . . . #yaxiearpads #alcantara #hd25#sennheiserhd25 #headphones #earphones#audiophiles #stereophile #audioengineer #soundengineer #musicengineer #sounddesigner #recordingartist #mixengineer #soundmixing #soundrecordist #studiogear #djgear#djset#djlife#djstudio#djproducer#partydj#pioneerddj #technodj #seratodj#traktordj #trap#scratch

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Loving my new comfort earpads made with Alcantara for my #HD25 by @yaxiearpads

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YAXI HD25 Comfort Earpads
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